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Home » WoodWorkingArticles » Be Careful While Using Your New Wood Working Power Tool

Be Careful While Using Your New Wood Working Power Tool

You bought yourself that wonderful wood working power tool that you have been admiring for months and you are dying to try it out. Like a child, you will be yearning to go to your workshop and start a project where you can test your new wood working power tool. However, it is better to take some precautions before you turn on the tool.

Check List of Safety Measures

One, check out the wood working power tool manual and ensure that you read all that is important regarding its function and other particulars. The manual always warns against any possible personal risk 每 it will be good if you read the manual carefully and learn about all such warnings. Many times, this is the best time you could ever spend from the standpoint of your safety.

Tow, physically inspect the wood working power tool for any damage and probable malfunction. Be very particular about the cord type and all the safety accessories that the particular wood working power tool needs. If it does not have all the safety accessories 每 do not switch it on. Rather, check out how you can obtain the additional safety device and use it only when you have everything needed.

Three, provide adequate power supply as many times accidents happen because people try to accommodate an awkward electric connection. Do no stretch the wire of your wood working power tool or work under it or behind it. If the wire is not sufficient or comes from the wrong angle, ensure that you get a good extension cord.

Four, if the place is damp, take extra precautions. If the workshop is in a damp place, ensure that the whole workshop is covered with a rubber floor mat. If there is direct moisture formed on the wood working power tool or you are not sure whether water has entered inside the tool 每 do not switch it on. It is better to be safe than sorry 每 hence use it only when you are a hundred percent sure it is safe to do so. Never ever, switch on the wood working power tool in the rain for the same reasons.

Five, never use your power tool without the safety guards on. It may look good to work without these 每 however, it is extremely dangerous to do so. You never know when something happens and the lack of a safety guard such as protective eye and ear gear can cause serious injury and even death.

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