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Home » WineRackArticles » Wall Wine Rack: Holds Bottles and Accessories

Wall Wine Rack: Holds Bottles and Accessories

Finding storage space for your wine collection can be as easy as finding a piece of furniture for your home, and it should not be too difficult to locate a wall wine rack that fits into whichever room to determine.

Similar to an iron bakerí»s rack, there is a wall wine rack which holds the bottles in wires underneath the shelving leaving storage space for glasses, openers and other wine-related items, or for general storage and display decorations.

They come in sizes ranging from a three bottle holder to several dozen and in various materials and finishes. A few wall wine racks come encased in a refrigerated unit allowing you to keep the wine chilled too a preset temperature. It will hold your wine, displayed through a glass front and keep it chilled.

Keep Your Wine Safe and Displayed

Ideally, wine should not be stored in a closet or under your kitchen sink. There are too many opportunities for breakage and for over aging. Therefore, displaying your collection in a wall wine rack keeps them safe as well as on display so you, and your friends, can quickly find the type you are looking for.

Single standard or column racks made of wood are also popular as a wall wine rack with those with a limited number of bottles, whereas for those with more extensive collections, they are also available in sizes up to wall-sized to hold larger collections. Modular wall wine rack units can be added to as the need arises.

A wine tasting wall wine rack is available as a square design and accessible from four sides, allowing people to see all wines in a larger collection. Most are available online as a completed unit, while some others can be purchased in kit form. Although, a few people hire a carpenter to build a wall wine rack which appears built-in and blends into the room instead of being an add-on type unit.

Quarter-round and half-round wall wine racks are also available and can be placed on outside corners of a room or placed in a corner on the wall, determined only by the room in which you store your wine.

Other types of a wall wine rack may actually attach to the wall, holding the bottles at the ready for when they are needed. However, remember that which wall wine rack you choose will be determined by your needs and your budget.

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