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.   Recycled Plastic Decking Offers Better Appearance

Many benefits are available in the use of recycled plastic decking, including low maintenance and the length of time that they retain their original look. The downfall would be in the initial price, but... [Read more]

Long Life Found in Vinyl Decking Material

Homeowners who want to build a new deck, but are afraid of the annual costs and the labor of maintaining it, may want to consider one made of vinyl decking material. Cost can be a driving factor in choosing... [Read more]

Veranda Decking - Composite Decking

Veranda decking is composite decking, and a fairly recent addition to the decking market. It is already winning over many converts to its features and benefits, despite it having a slightly higher initial... [Read more]

What You Need to Know About Porch Decking

There are many kinds of porch decking on the market today, much of which is beyond the standard consumer¡¯s knowledge without a little research. This article will introduce you to the different types of... [Read more]

The Swimming Pool Decking of Your Dreams

Every in-ground pool has a surround or deck, which usually serves to protect the pool from the rest of the yard and the rest of the yard from the pool. The right kind of swimming pool decking can add... [Read more]

The Right Material for Your Patio Decking

So you've made the big decision, and the next home improvement project will be a deck large enough to double as a patio. It will help you take advantage of that yard you rarely use and make your home... [Read more]

Timber Decking Businesses

Timber decking is an incredibly popular home renovation topic, and is becoming more and more recognized by the day. Not only does timber decking provide a functional and versatile outdoor living space... [Read more]

Which Decking is Best for You?

With the wide range of choices available today it can be very difficult for a homeowner to decide on the best decking material. It is a matter to carefully review, considering each of the options and... [Read more]

Wire Decking: A Storage Solution

Wire decking is a wire mesh used as shelving in warehouses, and spans the distance between beams to hold pallets or products. Wire decking is usually made of heavy grade steel wire welded together with... [Read more]

Steel Decking vs Aluminum Decking

Steel is a metal alloy (or combination of two or more elements) whose major component is iron. Varying the amount of carbon (the primary alloying material) and its distribution in the alloy controls the... [Read more]

Looking into Vinyl Decking

Of the types of decking materials out there, one of the least used is vinyl decking. There are several factors playing into this, yet at the same time there are some very attractive features that can... [Read more]

Maintaining Your Waterproof Decking

There are many kinds of decks for many different uses, but the one thing they all have in common is they are kept outside, which means that they are exposed to all sorts of damaging elements. After all,... [Read more]

Wooden Decking Compared to Other Types of Decking: Which Holds Up?

Wooden decking is a wonderful way to add comfort, beauty, and glamour to your home without spending a lot of your money. Wooden decking is something that, if done properly, can last you and your home for... [Read more]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Synthetic Decking

Synthetic decking is becoming a better option all the time, and while it¡¯s been around for some time, it used to only look like plastic. And the kind of plastic designed to match those white deck chairs... [Read more]

Your Life is Easier with a Decking Kit

To enhance your home and your outdoor living experience you have decided to add a deck. You know the size and shape, but you¡¯re not sure of your expertise with a power a saw. The answer could be in one... [Read more]

Composite Wood Decking: A New Decking Alternative

Composite wood decking is a fairly new technology that combines recycled materials and plastic to form a durable, more resilient decking surface. Many think that composite wood decks are superior to traditional... [Read more]

Cool Decking: For a Better Looking Deck

For people who have decks, they know what it can be like to find cracks and wear marks in the wood. That is the biggest downfall of having wooden decks in your yard. Constant sunlight cracks the wood.... [Read more]

Changing Your World with Decking Tiles

The deck building trend has resulted in wonderful new technology. The bridge between indoor home decorating and outdoor entertainment areas is absolutely the reason for the popularity of back yard decks.... [Read more]

Metal Decking: The Choice for Bridges and Roofs

Metal decking is usually made of corrugated steel or aluminum, and is used for roofing and floors. It also forms the floor of huge structures, like bridges, stadiums, and warehouses because it is very... [Read more]

Hardwood Decking: Add Style to Your Yard

Hardwood decking should be considered by anyone who wishes to decorate their yard with a great looking, durable deck. Hardwood decking, unlike traditional wooden decks, is naturally resistant to insect... [Read more]

Options in Outdoor Decking

For all practical purposes, you have two options when it comes to choosing outdoor decking: wood or synthetic decking, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Wood Decking Types of Wood Decking:... [Read more]

Maintain Quality with Used Wire Decking

Working with used wire decking in a storage facility can help keeps costs under control, provided the proper precautions are taken before you buy it. Previous use and condition are two of the main factors... [Read more]

Reduce Maintenance with Synthetic Wood Decking

If you think you may grow tired of the work and expense of cleaning and sealing your new deck, consider installing synthetic wood decking. The styles and materials available today offer the appearance... [Read more]

Appearance Enhanced by Tongue and Groove Decking

Finishing the top of you deck for quality, stability, and appearance can be a chore, but the finished look can be enhanced by tongue and groove decking. Done right, it will last a long time, and a smooth... [Read more]

How to Build and Lay Your Own Garden Decking

While most people might not believe it to be so, building and laying your own garden decking can actually be a relatively easy task. By following the proper instructions and taking care and consideration... [Read more]

A Favorite of the West: Redwood Decking

Redwood decking has been a favorite building material in the Western US for decades. It is beautiful and long lasting, making it the perfect material for an outdoor deck. Unfortunately, most redwood... [Read more]

What Makes Pool Decking So Special?

The popularity of above ground pools has made a special market for a raised pool decking to ease access to these raised pools. Pool decking has to face different things and meet different needs than many... [Read more]

Designing Your New Decking Plan

So you¡¯ve got a nice back yard, but want to get more use out of it ¨C why not add a deck? A good deck starts with a good decking plan, and the first thing you need to do is decide how much you can spend,... [Read more]

Plastic Wood Decking Provides Strength and Beauty

Homeowners with distaste for maintenance have a new option with plastic wood decking. It is virtually maintenance free and offers the same quality as wood, but with a longer life. Made of polyvinylchloride,... [Read more]

Many Uses Found for Elk Composite Decking

You can be certain if a contractor is using Elk composite decking, under the trade name of CrossTimbers, they have been scrutinized by Elk Building Products thoroughly. The company only accepts qualified... [Read more]

Roof Decking Brings Decks to Roofs

Outdoor living is one of the biggest lifestyle trends in the new millennium. As with most of the millennial trends, this one is based on cutting-edge technology, because when people indulge in outdoor... [Read more]

DIY Decking Resources

For all of you do-it-yourself people out there who are thinking about putting in, updating, or removing a deck, here are a few resources for you along with some helpful information. DIY Network Any... [Read more]

Location Determines Using Concrete Pool Decking

Choosing the material for your pool deck takes time and consideration based on which part of the country in which you live, how much use the deck is likely to endure, and the amount of time the homeowner... [Read more]

Plastic Decking: Trex Decking

Trex decking is plastic decking that is made from reclaimed plastic and wood waste, is durable, and makes an ideal choice for such things as decking or landscaping. The reclaimed plastic portion comes... [Read more]

Prices Vary on the Cost of Composite Decking

Building a new deck, whether it's surrounding you pool, your patio, or your boat dock can be a challenge when it comes to cost and the consideration that must be given to life expectancy and future maintenance.... [Read more]