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Roof Decking Brings Decks to Roofs

Outdoor living is one of the biggest lifestyle trends in the new millennium. As with most of the millennial trends, this one is based on cutting-edge technology, because when people indulge in outdoor living, it¡¯s the same kind of living they do indoors. We¡¯re not talking tents and campfires, here.

The new technology involved in the outdoor living trend is the materials used in building, decorating, and maintaining a deck. The basic building materials include decking of all kinds: waterproof, backyard, garden, pool, and roof decking.

Did You Say Roof?

When there is no ¡°outdoor¡± to accommodate the desire for outdoor living, some look to the roof. A home in the city, for instance, may have no yard or a yard too small for a really spectacular deck but have the required flat roof on the house or garage. A deck on the roof can have all of the qualities of a great backyard deck but has a few special requirements.

First and foremost, a roof is a roof, so a deck covering a roof has to take into consideration the needs of the structure below it. A roof protects that structure from the elements so the roof decking has to help keep the roof waterproof. Waterproof materials are, of course, basic to all decks, but roof decking has to consider the roof¡¯s runoff system. Even a flat roof needs a slight incline for rain runoff. The deck can be built along an incline or on pads to even the roof decking out while leaving some drainage to allow precipitation to run through to the roof for drainage.

The planning of a roof deck must take into consideration the weight that the roof was built to hold safely. Reinforcement of the structure may be needed, but lightweight roof decking is always a good idea, too. That¡¯s part of the technology aspect. Plastic and vinyl materials can mimic the look of wood, stone, tile or any other substance with a fraction of the weight, while being almost indestructible. Most lines of roof decking have matching railings, seating, and planters to complete the deck of your dreams. It should also be UV protected to prevent fading and degrading in the sunlight.

Besides the roof decking, modern technology offers outdoor fabrics, lighting, bars, grills, tableware, and furniture that rivals the finest indoor trends. While many outdoor decks are candidates for the do-it-yourself crowd, a roof decking project might benefit from a consultation with a contractor.

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